November 20, 2008


NOVEMBER 20, 2008

A.        ROLL CALL – 7:00 PM

            Members present were:            Chip Venell – Chairman

                                                            Randy Goodwin

                                                            James Fiske

                                                            Yoli Gallagher

Keith Davis – First Alternate (Voting in place of

              Mr. Cashin)


            Members absent were:  Thomas Cashin – Vice Chairman

                                                            Larissa Crockett – Second Alternate

            Others present were Kenneth Paul, Code Enforcement Officer.

B.         MINUTES

NOVEMBER 6, 2008 - A Motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes of the November 6, 2008 Meeting as corrected.  Fiske/Davis – Unanimous.


1.         JOSEPH LENKOWSKI – Amendment to Loon Ridge Subdivision Plan – Steve Sterns of Pinkham & Greer advised he is representing the applicant in this matter.  He submitted a letter which he signed confirming that Dry Swale C was construction in accordance with the approved drawings and will function as intended. 

Mr. Venell advised, he left telephone messages for both Road Commissioners, but hasn’t had a return call from either of them advising whether they have any problems with the driveway as it is at this time.

To Mr. Venell’s question whether he has heard from either of the Road Commissioner, Mr. Paul advised he had not.

Mr. Venell summed up the points previously discussed as follows:

a)         The retention pond has been constructed to the approved specifications;

b)         A letter has been submitted from the engineer confirming that there will be no more storm runoff under the amended plan as there is at this time;

c)         A letter has been submitted confirming that Dry Swale C will contain the water coming from the road; and

d)         Part of the road has been constructed to specifications that exceed the original approved plan.

A Motion was made and seconded to accept the amendments to the Loon Ridge Subdivision as submitted.  Davis/Fiske – Unanimous.

2.         DAVID PEPIN – Approved Application for an Extractive Use – Mr. Paul advised that he telephoned Mr. Pepin on Tuesday, but hasn’t had a return call as of this time.  He has faxed the letter submitted by Ms Gallagher so that Mr. Pepin will be aware of the situation. 


            To Ms Gallagher’s comment that it seems as though the noise has increased as it sounds as if the trucks are using their air brakes, Mr. Venell advised that the trucks shouldn’t be using air brakes as the Board discussed that with Mr. Pepin when he appeared before them.  He stated if Mr. Pepin doesn’t respond [to Mr. Paul’s telephone call], he should be asked to come in and speak with Mr. Paul.  He said if nothing occurs by the next Meeting, the Board will send him a letter.


SAUNDERS LANE – Mr. Paul advised he received a letter from Civil Consultants regarding Saunders Lane located off of Foxes Ridge Road.  The letter stated that Saunders Lane was constructed as per the approved design.  He mentioned that now, prior to his signing off on a road, a letter must be submitted by the engineer confirming that it was built in accordance with the plan.

E.         OTHER BUSINESS – There was no other business to come before the Board.

F.         ADJOURNMENT - A Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the Meeting at 7:30 PM.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    ______________________________                                                                                                ANNA M. WILLIAMS,                   

Recording Secretary