July 20, 2006






Acton Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2006


Members Present:

Chip Venell, Yoli Gallagher, Randy Goodwin, Tom Cashin, Abraham Damuth, Jim Fiske

Members Absent:  Brian Belanger

Guest Present:

Rick Meek, Ryan Adams, George Adams, Pat Frasier, Tom Milligan, Rolly Boucher, Virginia Grover, Dr. Donald Holdsworth, Glenn Wildes, Betty Wildes, Peg Prisco, Mario Prisco, Steve Hanson, Donna Hanson, Ken Paul (CEO), Michelle Rumney(secretary)


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Chip Venell.

Public Hearing for Proposed 4 lot Subdivision FRASIER LANE @ 870 Route 109

Tom Milligan, engineer for Frasier lane gives an overview of the proposed division;

Small 4 lot subdivision which will consist of one existing home, parcel of land to be divided is 11+ acres, lots will have private wells, on site septic w/reserve area for septic relocation, and a private road.

Steve Hanson owns the mobile next to Frasier property and questions as to where the Right of Way is located and where the road will be built.

Pat replies that it will be on the north side of the property, not the side that abuts Hanson’s property.

Tom Cashin asks what each lot size is.  Tom Milligan replies that lot 1 is 90654sq.ft, lot 2 is 90248sq.ft, lot 3 is 90081sq.ft and lot 4 is 171439sq.ft.

Virginia Grover asks if the ROW ends at the back property line.  Tom Milligan replies that all records of the ROW show that it only goes to the back lot that abuts this whole lot.

Tom Cashin inquires about the aquifer overlay map from Maine Geological that is still outstanding.  Tom Milligan replies that they have asked for one to be sent, and are just waiting on receiving it.

A letter from D&M well drilling was submitted stating that there is adequate water. Pat Frasier spoke to a Mr. Ellis who put the wells in at existing home and neighboring homes, said that the existing home’s well is 180ft down (receives 5gal/min) and the Hanson home gets is 98ft down( receives 5gal/min)

Tom Cashin asks about response from York County Soil, Tom replies that they are still waiting for someone to return their many phone calls.

Mr. Hanson asks where the utilities will be going.  Pat replies that from the entrance of the proposed road from 109 underground along the new road. 

Subsurface waste water disposal system is submitted; waiting for final bylaws from their attorney.

Ken asks if they are going to have to do any blasting.  Pat replies that he doesn’t think so, but they will find out as they get further into it.

Tom Cashin notes that the Mylar copy of the plan should/will show the designations for the septic.  Tom also asks what type of beds they plan on using.  Tom Milligan replies that typical stone leach beds.  Tom C asks if there will mounding, Tom M replies that yes in areas of ledge about 2ft and area of non ledge about 1 foot mound.

Frasier Lane on Agenda for 8/3 meeting seeking final approval; only if they have all their submissions: (Soil/Water, Aquifer Map, Bylaws, Letter of Credit or Guarantee) 

Chip reminds Frasier that if a Letter of Credit is used that the Town of Acton needs to be listed as a beneficiary and be able to access the funds if Frasier for some reason cannot complete the job.


Members of the Wilson Lake Association and concerned abuttors ask to speak of concerns of proposed Wilson Mountain RV Resort.

Chip explains that this proposal is still in the earliest stage and is not on the agenda this evening, but the board welcomes any questions or concerns you may have.

Mario Prisco of Hummingbird Rd and other concerned nearby homeowners list their concerns:  someone who puts this type of expenditure into concept plans has serious plans.  If they are allowed to build this, the view of the hill from Wilson Lake will be of RV’s and Tents.  This will be a major impact on the lake visually and environmentally.  River runs along the hill to the lake.  Runoff into the lake will be difficult to prevent.  The wash out into the roads from Loon Ridge Development in spring storms was bad enough; consider what 348 sites will do.  Wilson Lake has reputation of being a beautiful pristine lake, but fear it will not for long if this park is allowed.  Fear that the owners will purchase a lot on the lake and open it to its campers.  The loon count is very popular on the lake, this year at least 2 chicks have hatched, if this development happens they may not see loons on the lake ever again.  Garvin Road access with 300+ RV’s traveling in and out will be sure to cause a problem.  Not only the traffic, but consider 200+ parked RV’s that leak gas and oil onto the ground.  Property value on the lake will be decreased as the view is ruined and the water quality, if that happens will our taxes go down?


Chip explains that this RV Resort will have to apply for a conditional use permit from the town, but will also have to get all proper permits from the DEP.  Because these campsites are seasonal, growth permits are not needed.  As far as run off, they can not have runoff leave the site more than what leaves it before development.  The board has the right to apply conditions to their permits if they get one, which is why it is important that you follow up on this project as it comes before the board.  The developer brought the early stages of his plan to get an idea what he will be facing from the board and from the towns people, maybe you should speak to the developer as a group with your concerns and give him thoughts to ponder as he goes along with his plans.

The Wilson Lake Association asks that a letter be sent to Association President John Wilson to notify of any public hearings and so forth.


Rick Meek of Sebago Technics for LIBERTY LANE

Note on plans:

#11 changed and #’s 14-17 are added

Chip addresses note #16 and recommends that he add that a copy of the contract should be sent to the CEO, as well as notice of maintenance.

Tom addresses the idea of 100ft no cut zone near wetlands.  Rick replies that lots 5&6 fingers wetlands, have been required to have building setbacks from these fingers, DEP has issued permits based on the issues, 100ft no cut zone would make lot 5 un-buildable, they have stayed away from the wetlands where it is practical but lot 5 hasn’t been practical.

Talk ensues over this buffer from the wet lands and it is agreed that no cutting of vegetation below the 760 contour line will be addressed on the plans with the exception of the leach field on lot 5.

Items needed for final approval:  letter of credit/guarantee listing Town of Acton as beneficiary, note#13 to address rent/lease, delineation on map addressing 760 contours no cut, comments from the town attorney on bylaws/maintenance agreement.  Also a note in regards to #16 that the town will be notified how and when the septic is serviced.

Tom asks that they have a sign off on a system for lots 1&3 from Sweet or Rand that it meets the criteria set by Rand/Sweet as sufficient pretreatment

#3 On agenda for 8/3 following Comp Plan, and Frasier Lane.

George Adams thanks the board for volunteering their time to the board and for all their work.


Meeting adjourned 9:30pm