July 06, 2006





Acton Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

July 06, 2006


Members Present:

Chip Venell, Yoli Gallagher, Randy Goodwin, Brian Belanger, Tom Cashin, Abraham Damuth

Guest Present:

Rick Meek, Ryan Adams, Gordon Waterman, Pat Frasier, Tom Milligan, John Moore, Lorraine Yeaton, Jessica Damuth, Ken Paul (CEO), Michelle Rumney(secretary)

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Chip Venell.

The minutes from June 16, 2006 were read and on a motion by Randy and second by Tom were accepted with typo correction….last page first paragraph add the word “NOT”

Gordon Waterman for Wilson Mountain RV Resort @ Romac Orchards

Gordon explains that 50% of apple trees on the west side of the mountain had root damage and have died or are declining fast.  This years crop of PYO may be ruined due to the hail that we have had this past month.  He presents plans for 348+ RV Campsites.  Some of the sites will be permanent seasonal sites, majority will be transient sites which hopefully many will become permanent/seasonal later on.  Sites designed by engineering team from Newport ME.  Entrance to be off  Garvin Road as the H Road access is too dangerous with lack of visibility on the hill.  The objective is to get as many campers to book the seasonal sites as possible to reduce flow of traffic.  Each site will be equipt with water, sewer, power and maybe cable.  The septic will be common sewer and dumping stations.  Looking for campground permit from the board and idea of what will need to be done.

Chip states that a traffic impact study of Garvin Road will be a main concern.

Tom mentions that the only zoning that specifically speaks of campgrounds is Section 5.5, would this type of development fall under the rules of  Commercial Development in General Purpose as well?

Chip answers that campgrounds fall under Rural, not sure if the Commercial Industrial would apply.

Tom questions if the board would address this as a conditional use permit.

Chip says this is something new for the board to deal with.  As far as the roads to be developed, the water/septic and impact on Garvin Road we will probably need to follow some of the provisions set forth in the subdivision booklet.  He then asks Gordon to forward all this information to SMRP.

Tom asks if Gordon plans to have someone living there all year long.  Gordon replies that maybe a manager or caretaker, not the campers. 

Gordon also notes that the roads and the garbage will be maintained in house, there will be no impact on the school system, this project shouldn’t cost the town much at all.

Tom tells Gordon that he can’t emphasize enough that he should converse with

SMRP as soon as possible.

Brian notes that SMRP may address questions or concerns that the board may not think of.

Chip reminds that SMRP is going to take a back seat to DEP.  DEP will be sure all his permits are copasetic.

Tom asks what the mother lot size is and what portion of it will be developed.

Gordon replies that it is about 325 acres and the amount to be developed is approximately 100 acres.

Tom notes that he hopes the orchards can be kept in town rather than sacrificing them for desirable land.

Brian asks if the golf course would be open to public use or for just the campers.  Gordon replies that he doesn’t see any reason to not open them to public use.

Tom also makes comment that the sewage disposal and watershed may be of concern and inquired if these engineers have done any campgrounds in the area.  Gordon replies that he believes that they have in Wells.

Pat Frasier and Tom Milligan for Frasier Lane

Addressing the concerns of SMRP letter 6-13-06

#1:  “Remaining land” needs a lot number….it will now be part of  lot 4 with the road being the ROW that crosses it

#2:  2 places have to be designated for septic sites only, no development is allowed on these two spots, incase first system fails and needs to be moved.

#3:  By putting that remaining land in to lot four which meets 1 dwelling per 100000 sq. ft.  Hydro geological study has already be waived at previous meeting.

Tom recommends that a driller give a good estimate based on the bedrock well that is on site now.  Does existing home have an artesian well?  Pat replies “yes”

Tom asks what the DOT entrance requirements are. Pat responds that 18” culvert and 100ft paved entrance is what the permit states.

Lorraine asks if this will have a public hearing as one of the neighbors has already been in the office with concerns.  Chip replies that public hearing has been scheduled for July 20th at 7pm and abutter will be sent a letter to inform them.

Chip tells Frasier that what he needs to do is to send York County Soil and Water information for soil erosion control, prepare for the hearing and review to be sure all submissions are complete for the final submission stage (letter of credit, road agreement, association agreement and so on).

Chip mentions that Dana Axelrod has verbally resigned from the board.  Yoli is next in line to be bumped up to a voting member, leaving the board with Abe as the only alternate.  Ken mentions that Jim Fiske may be interested.

Rick Meek(Sebago Tech) for Liberty Lane

Road maintenance agreement submitted to board.  Document drafter by attorneys for Jones and Adams.

Rick notes that SMRP has recommended that the board have the town attorney review these documents and be sure that they coincide with each other.

Chip remarks that if Eagles Trace is to maintain that the note on the plans must match that.  Chip also states that the agreement should address storm water maintenance related to the road and problems that occur away from the ROW.  Also, the pretreatment of septic on sites #1 and #3 what will that consist of?

Rick replies that he understands it to reduce possibility of nitrate mounding.  It would be a proprietary device before to the septic tank. 

Tom asks Adams if they are okay with the requirement here, and asks for assurance that the service agreement will be maintained and will have to be on deeds for these 2 lots as well as the 40ft well casings on general plan.

Stormwater permit; Sebago Tech is the design engineer, Adams can hire a 3rd party review and then have Sebago sign off and submit to CEO.  Chip asks that the board get copies of these permits as well as the CEO.

Letter of Credit is presented.

Chip states that the letter of credit has to name the Town of Acton as the beneficiary in case the job does not get completed, the money will be available to the town to finish the job.  There are examples in the submission booklet.

Tom notes that an engineer would sign off on the road as phases are completed, the town needs assurance that the road has been built to standards.

Chip asks CEO Ken Paul what he would like for sign off on a road.

Ken replies that letter signed by licensed engineer would be fine.

Rick tells the board that they have also added a note on plan regarding the 55+ restriction.

Ryan Adams says he will have the lawyers re-do the agreements and address the storm water maintenance.  He will contact the secretary with the info to send to the Town Attorney.

Rick asks how may copies of final plans will they need in order to reduce waste and save money.  The board agrees that one copy for the town records and the Mylar to file.  Rick also asks to go over any other conditions the board would like on the plan other than the Storm Water Maintenance, Road Agreement , 40ft well casings and lots #1&3 pretreatment.

Tom notes that it should address that on lots 1&3 all owners and future owners will maintain the septic contract.

Agenda for next meeting:

Frasier Lane public hearing, Liberty Lane (no decisions unless response from lawyer has arrived), David Jones.

ohn Moore makes note that the believes that there should be a stipulation along the way with Eagles Trace for the improvement of the intersection with Hopper and Independence Way.  Chip tells John that David Jones has already mentioned that he may be able to do a turning lane or something of the sort.  It will be addressed further on down through the process


Meeting adjourned 9:45pm.







Note:  Public Notices and Abutters Letters to be posted/sent Friday