September 07, 2006

Acton Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2006


Members Present:  Chip Venell, Randy Goodwin, Jim Fiske, Tom Cashin, Yoli Gallagher

Members Absent:  Abe Damuth, Brian Belanger

Guest Present:  John Moore, Ken Paul (CEO)                                                                          


Minutes from August 17th, 2006 accepted with a motion from Yoli and a second from Chip.  There was one correction in which the first sentence of the fourth paragraph was deleted. 


Tom updated the Planning Board on the progress of the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee.  The Committee is almost finished updating the zoning chart and will bring it before the Planning Board for review.  Chip asked if different sections of the ordinances have been divvied up for different boards and committees.  At this point they have not been, but it would be helpful if the Planning Board could start reviewing the subdivision regulations.  Chip received a copy of “Maine Subdivision Regulations for Use by Maine Planning Boards” printed by Southern Maine Regional and the Maine State Planning Office.  Tom asked if copies could be made for members of both the Planning Board and the CPIC.  Tom offered to make copies at Staples if this would be too big of a task to do in house.  Tom will talk to Michelle tomorrow.


Tom reported that the Selectmen are discussing having a special town meeting to 1) ask for funds for a secretary for the CPIC and 2) address a piece of town owned property at the end of the Flat Ground Road.  Tom asked that people support the idea of Three Rivers holding an easement and that the Town maintain ownership of the property. 


Board Elections:

Tom nominated Chip Venell for the Chairman position, with a second from Randy, motion passed.

Tom nominated Tom for Vice Chairman, with a second from Randy, motion passed.

Chip nominated Yoli for Ceremonial Secretary, with a second from Randy, motion passed.


John raised concern that according to the wording in our current ordinances, the Planning Board should be able to hold developers to the standards in the current adopted Comprehensive Plan.  After discussing the interpretation of the wording, the board responded that the Comprehensive Plan needs to be implemented before anyone can be held to it as there may be some changes made in the process.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10.


Minutes taken by Yoli Gallagher, Michelle Rumney  was absent