July 21, 2007

 Acton Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2007

Members Present:  Tom Cashin, Chip Venell, Keith Davis, Jim Fiske

Guest Present:  John Moore, Patrick Frasier, Leslie Dennis, Rob Dennis, Mr. Lebel, Ken Paul (CEO), Michelle Rumney (secretary)

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Chip Venell

Minutes from 6.21.07 were STILL NOT voted on, due to lack of quorum from that meeting.

Minutes from 7.5.07 were read and on motion from Tom and second from Keith were accepted with an amendment.

Public Hearing for Frasier Lane- Amendment to an approved Subdivision

Pat explains that in the initial plan he was missing 8,000 sq ft for the fifth lot.  He has obtained the abutting property and now has that land and wishes to create the 5th lot and extend the road to give the lot he obtained in the back which was landlocked some road frontage.

Mr.Lebel, and abuttor has addressed concern that each of these lots are going to have deed rights to the ROW that lays along his property.  Patrick Fraiser has assured the board that they will not have rights to that ROW.

Chip suggests that a note be put on the plans and in the deeds.

Keith explains that you don’t have to put it on the deeds as it doesn’t mean anything there.  It should be put on the plans only.

Discussion on the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy was held.  Pat didn’t feel as though the road should have to be 100% complete as some of the road does not even service house lots.  He has some lots where the road is complete and will be looking for C.O’s before he can get the extension completed.

It was discussed that a timeline be put on the completion of the road.

Findings of fact are read and on a motion by Tom to accept the findings of fact as read; and a second by Keith were accepted.

Keith motions to approve the amendment to Frasier lane with conditions; Tom Seconds.  The amendment is approved with the following conditions:

1)  Amended road extension must be completed within one year of approval.

2)  Within a year the Board must receive a letter of completion as designed from a licensed engineer.

3)  The existing letter of credit will be renewed and the CEO shall receive a copy of the renewal.

Mylar will be signed at next meeting and recorded within 90 days by applicant.

Leslie Dennis for Dennis Lane

The board reviews the new plans and discuss that the contours need to be added to the plan and road design should be there as well.

Tom motions to waive the hydro study; Jim seconds.  Hydro Study waived.

After discussion the following items are still pending on this application:

Cross section of road design, the contours, topography of what is existing and what is proposed. Also, if the surveyor had not done so already, the wetlands should be flagged in anticipation of a site walk.  Applicants will return on August 16th and be put first on the Agenda.

Discussion on Loon Ridge.

The board would like to have a site walk but will wait until the meeting with the Road Commissioners and the owners to go see for themselves what issues need to be dealt with.  The secretary will notify Joe Lenkowski that the road commissioners have requested a meeting for the 2nd with the board to discuss the issues that they have regarding the ditches and run off.

The board is reminded that public hearing for Special Town Meeting is August 7th and the Special Town Meeting is the 15th.

-Robert Creamer called today and could not make it to the meeting.  He will call to reschedule.

-The board will not vote on the subdivision regulations this evening as new information is forthcoming from SMRPC regarding Cluster Subdivisions.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:45pm