September 21, 2006

Acton Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2006


Members Present:

Chip Venell, Yoli Gallagher, Tom Cashin, Brian Belanger, Abraham Damuth, Randy Goodwin, Jim Fiske

Guest Present:

Michael Peverett, Jon St.Pierre, Cathy Turcotte, James Lowery, David Billham, John Moore, Pat Mulcahy, Ken Paul (CEO), Michelle Rumney


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Chip Venell.


The minutes from September 7th were read and on a motion by Randy and Second by Yoli were accepted as written.


Civil Consultants for CAT Trust (Turcotte Gravel Pit) Map 9 Lot 16


Project is described to board for mineral extraction.  Proposed land use is 53 acres, 10 acres open at one time.  The lot in whole is 80+ acres.  A 100ft buffer will be maintained all around property line.  The area in which the stream runs through will not be used.  Test pits and monitoring wells are in.  Berms and retention ponds are designed to prevent run off from property and/or to the stream.  No on site storage of fuel, a fuel truck will be brought in to refill equipment; a refueling pad has been designed to prevent any spillage into the soil.


Board members ask the following questions…


How many vehicles will be working the site? 12 tractor trailer truck loads /day-market driven

Will this be a year round operation?  Closed sometime around October, open after the ground dries in the spring

Will both entrances be used? Yes, and will be paved and have a gate

How much of the land has been excavated previously?  3-5 acres on the larger pit and about 1 acre on the smaller one

Will you need crushers or screeners?  Don’t see a need for them as it is mostly sand here.

How many acres will be used at one time?  10 acres max, total of about 6 phases of extraction

Will the topsoil stay onsite?  Pretty much


The board informs Civil Consultants that for a project like this, we will require a list of abuttors with in 500feet of the site.  This revision should be emailed or faxed to the secretary as soon as possible for notices to be sent. A site walk is scheduled for 9-30 @9am.  Public Hearing set for 10-19 @7pm.

James Lowery of Sebago Tech for Patrick Mulcahy (Moose Pond Village)


Proposed project will have lots on H Road and Anderson Cove Road.  A conceptual design was presented to the board, no application yet.  Project to be done in two phases.  Phase one 29 lots in both GP and Shore land, utilizing 100 acres total of the 237 acre parcel.  Phase Two is proposed to be age restricted (55 and over) single family condos.

The closing on the property should be somewhere around April of 2007.


It is suggested by Tom, that the review on this project be done in conjunction with a wetland ecologist. This type of review is to be paid for by the applicant.  The importance of peer review on the de-nitrification process and bringing in a wetland ecologist can’t be emphasized enough.  Woodlot Alternatives is someone who could probably help here.  Tom also tells Sebago Tech that Paul Schumacher at SMRP should receive all materials that the board receives two weeks prior to the meeting in which they want to be on the agenda.


Chip tells James that when the gravel pits were in operation there were monitoring wells installed.  He knows of at least 2 on Anderson Cove Road.  If you find them, you should add them to your plans and maybe start checking levels.


Patrick Mulcahy requests a copy of the letter sent on behalf of the Anderson Cove Road Association.  Michelle will send a copy next week.


Tentatively on the agenda for October 19th, providing materials can be delivered to SMRP and all testing is ready.


Ken Paul for Best Possible Location – Harry Walker Map 30 Lot 5 – West Shore


House is currently 16 feet from water with an illegal deck.  He would be moving it back another 65 feet from water, no deck, and new septic and full foundation.  Re-vegetate current location.  Ken recommends this project as an improvement on the current conditions.


Brian makes a motion to accept Ken’s recommendation for BPL and Randy Seconds the motion.  BPL granted for Map 30 Lot 5.


Next Agenda:  Minutes, Subdivision Standards, anything from Ken

Oct 19th Agenda:  Turcotte Hearing, Mulcahy Prelim Application


Sept 30th 9am- Site Walk at Turcotte Pit

Meeting adjourned at 9:20