February 21, 2008

Town of Acton
Planning Board Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2008

Members Present: Chip Venell, Jim Fiske, Tom Cashin, Keith Davis & Yoli Gallagher,
Randy Goodwin

Members Absent:

Guests: Shelly Blaisdell (secretary), Ken Paul (CEO), Larissa Crockett, Rick Meek (Sebago
Technics), Peter Baldry, (two other names of people attending the meeting not legible)


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Chip Venell

1. Chip opens the meeting with the Public Hearing for Eagles Trace by Rick Meek of Sebago
Technics. Rick said that they came in January and submitted an amendment for a subdivision
plan for Eagles Trace to add a 41 acre subdivision lot, known as lot #14. The board informed
them that they needed to submit a preliminary plan and the board accepted it. A public hearing
was scheduled for abutters to discuss any concerns they may have. That is what they are doing
Chip asks for comments and questions from the audience. Rick explains that right now they are
only proposing a single family house lot for the time being. Peter Baldry asks if this lot would
remain a 55+ age restricted area like the others have? Rick explains that all of the other lots are
age restricted, but this lot is not because it is just a single family lot right now. Larissa Crockett
asks if the road was granted with the subdivision, and will anything built on that road be
restricted to the age restriction requirements? Chip explains that it is just a road and doesn’t fall
under the code requirements.

Rick addresses a list of questions posed to him for review from the board at the previous

1. What is the status of the storm water structures on the two individual lots in this
subdivision? Rick explains that it is his understanding that the storm water
management infrastructure for Patriot Lane and Independence Way is complete, and he
believes that Blue Sky Development is waiting for Spring to get out and do the work they
need to do.
2. The original roadway design plan questioned. Rick explains that in the boards packet
there is an amendment subdivision plan, a drainage plan and road plans for Liberty Lane
and Patriot Lane including grading plans and profiles that show a standard road
3. A request to have a statement that no lot would be able to exceed a property line of 5

mg. per liter. He explains that they have done two test pits on site showing that the
plume is less than the required 5 mg. per liter, and Sweet Associates did a nitrate
analysis that shows the sanctuary plume is less than 5 mg. per liter and that the plume
does not encroach upon a wetland, as listed on page 101.

4. A request to have a note added to the plan regarding lot #14 proposed as a single
family lot and that no further subdivision will occur without further review and approval
from the Acton Planning Board.
5. Depict a typical building envelope. Rick explains that it is being called a tree outline
which includes the septic field, driveway and subsurface disposal field.
6. Whether any portion of this site is listed with the Maine Department of Conservation?
Rick said that they sent a letter to them and hasn’t had a response directly back from
them, but during the original subdivision application, they had a botanist come out and
look for a rare orchid and they did not find anything at that time. A similar request was
made from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission to see if there are any historic
sites in this project area. Rick said he sent a letter to the Historic Preservation
Commission and has not received a response back from them yet, but he doubts that
they will have anything listed because there are no current structures on the site.
7. Waivers that were requested in the preliminary process and granted. One was for the
high intensity soil survey and one for the traffic impact analysis. He said he added those
notes to the plan that those waivers were previously granted.
8. Request to have a note, similar to what was on the original subdivision, regarding fire
protection. Rick questions whether they require individual systems? Chip said he
doesn’t know that the board included systems and thought they were getting away from
that. He thought that for Eagles Trace and Blue Sky there were just individual fire
sprinkler systems? Rick said he took the information right off the plans, but said he will
adjust the note to just read fire protection shall be provided by individual sprinkler
system meeting requirements and as approved by the fire marshall. Chip said that
would be perfect because he knows on the last few subdivisions that have come through
since Eagles Trace they have gotten away from that because no one maintains them, etc.
Rick said he agreed because it is not necessary for a single family lot.
9. To send a copy of this material to Jamie Saltmarsh at SMRPC. Rick said he has
done this, which prompted her memo, and he is providing a copy to the board tonight.
Tom asks Rick if there is language somewhere, new or proposed, that will cover the covenant
that will have to be created by the new owner in regards to their responsibility for that site? Rick
said there is nothing that they prepare in advance and would need to be included in the final.
Chip asks what their part of the Indpendence Way Road Association is going to be? Rick said
he can’t answer that. Chip said that is what they will be looking for. Whatever document you
have, either with a note on the plan, or however it was addressed before is sufficient. Rick said
he did send a copy of that with the recorded plans, and wants to know if they can resolve that

language now so if they come back for an additional meeting they are not held up because they
don’t have the correct language. Chip said it has to be addressed somewhere. Rick said it is on
the homeowners documents. Chip said all the board needs to see is how it is addressed.

Tom makes a motion that the board waive the three items, as discussed on page 14
for Eagles Trace. Second by Keith. All in favor Passed 4-0

Tom makes a motion to accept the application for Eagles Trace as complete. Keith
seconds. All in favor Passed 4-0

Rick is scheduled to come before the board again on March 20, 2008 for final approval, pending
all above mentioned materials are complete.

The board briefly discussed whether Pat Hannon paid his escrow account with the town. The
board made a decision to give Pat Hannon until Monday at noon to pay his escrow account
with the Town, because there was some confusion as to whether the applicant was notified of the
deadline, or the workshop scheduled for Wednesday, February 27, 2008 will be cancelled and the
process will be haulted until he pays it.

Motion made by Jim to adjourn the meeting. Second by Keith. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.