April 03, 2008

Town of Acton
Planning Board Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2008

Members Present: Chip Venell, Jim Fiske, Tom Cashin, Keith Davis, Randy Goodwin, Yoli
Gallagher, & Larissa Crockett (alternate)

Members Absent:

Guests: Shelly Blaisdell (secretary), Ken Paul (CEO), Jamie Oman-Saltmarsh (SMRPC), Jack
Kelley, Barbara Seckar, Frank Verock, Gordon Waterman, Lois M. Michaud, Richard Michaud,
Hannah Phillips, Bill Sherman (Mousam Lake Board), Robert Mann, Andrea Rose (Observer),
Scott Mooney, Mike Conway (Selectmen), Peter Smith, Jr., Peter Smith, Sr., Dave Cote, Bernie
Yeaton, John Moore, Mark Lowell, Roy Traston, Rob Meyer (Comp. Plan Impl. Comm.), Anna
Williams (Comp. Plan Secretary), Bill Lotz, Doris Nevison

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Chip Venell

1. Keith makes a motion to accept the minutes of March 6, 2008. Randy seconds.
Chip has a change to the minutes and it will be noted.
All in favor of the minutes with the proposed change. Approved 6-0
Keith makes a motion to accept the minutes of March 20, 2008. Randy seconds.
All in favor to approve the meeting minutes as written. Approved 6-0

2. Comprehensive Implementation Committee, with assistance from Jamie Oman-Saltmarsh
of SMRPC, gave a second presentation to the board and public regarding the changes they are
recommending to be voted on at the upcoming annual Town Meeting. Tom Cashin began by
explaining the Comp. Plan’s maps and plan, as outlined in the report prepared by the Comp.
Plan Implementation Committee. Barbara Seckar asked what the process of water extraction
would be? Tom explained that the proposed use now is outlined in the site plan review book,
and the areas that it would be allowed in are highlighted in the light and dark green areas on the
map. Barbara said she was opposed to any type of water extraction in our Town.
David Cote asked Tom if the minimum road frontage for all the areas are going to 250 feet?
Tom said no, that was not correct, and pointed out the minimum lot sizes and the sliding scale
of road frontage depending on size of the lot. Gordon Waterman asked the board if they looked
at containing sprawl and asked Tom to explain the boards thoughts on that. Tom said
currently in the subdivision book there isn’t anything listed, but a clustering plan may be
included in the future.

Jamie Saltmarsh handed out proposed changes to the current proposal and explained that these
are changes to the changes from the last meeting, and not just changes to the original proposal.

Comp. Plan secretary Anna Williams kept complete minutes of the Comp. Plan presentation
and can be referred to for in depth detail of that presentation.

3. The board discussed Pat Hannon’s application and said that they have concerns regarding
Pat’s lack of response to the boards correspondence to him. The board decided to send a letter
to Pat Hannon and Curtis, Thaxter, Stevens, Broder & Micoleau with a cc to Susan Rockefeller
and Christian Chandler via certified, return receipt requested mail stating that if he doesn’t set
up the escrow account, as previously agreed upon, by 4:oo p.m. on April 16, 2008 the planning
board shall make findings of fact on the application on May 1, 2008, then approve, approve with
conditions or deny the application.
Keith makes a motion to send the above mentioned letter to the above mentioned
people. Seconded by Randy Goodwin. All in favor. Approved 6-0

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.