March 20, 2008

Town of Acton
Planning Board Meeting Minutes
March 20, 2008

Members Present: Chip Venell, Jim Fiske, Tom Cashin, Keith Davis, Yoli Gallagher,
& Larissa Crockett (alternate)

Members Absent: Randy Goodwin

Guests: Shelly Blaisdell (secretary), Ken Paul (CEO), Martha Lowell, Ted Kryzak, Jamie
Oman-Saltmarsh (SMRP), Dick Neal, Nancy Ruma (selectmen), Debi Rix, Joseph Ruma, Anna
Williams (CPIC Secretary), Barbara Sekar, Dayle Barrows, John Moore, Rob Meyer, Mark
Lowell, Roy Trafton (Comp. Plan Implement. Committee), Lois Michaud, David Jones


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Chip Venell

1. Ken Paul, CEO, presented the board with 2 Best Possible Location permits.
The board discussed and looked at photos of the property and existing buildings for Morris
Pigeon at 253 Parsons Point on Great East Lake, Map 117, Lot 63. Ken recommends that the
application be approved if they go 40 feet back for the setback distance.

Jim Fiske makes a motion to accept Ken Paul’s recommendation. Yoli seconds. All
in favor. Passed 5-0

Best possible location permit for James & Lorraine Fabbo, at 90 Martha Horn Road; Map 133,
Lot 4. They are requesting building a foundation at an existing camp. Ken recommends this
application be approved as written.

Keith makes a motion to accept the recommendations of Ken Paul. Yoli seconds.
All in favor. Passed 5-0

Jamie Saltmarsh made an announcement to the board the SMRPC is having a workshop on
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. at the Sanford Town office, and encouraged any board
member to attend.

2. Comprehensive Implementation Committee, with assistance from Jamie Oman-Saltmarsh
of SMRPC, gave a presentation to the board and public regarding the changes they are
recommending to be voted on at the upcoming annual Town Meeting. Tom Cashin began by
explaining the Comp. Plan’s maps and plan, as outliined in the report prepared by the Comp.
Plan Committee. Several comments and questions were posed by the public, as well as
planning board members, as the reports were covered page by page.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.