May 14, 2008

RevisedHannon Workshop Minutes
May 14, 2008

Members Present: Chip Venell (Chairman), Keith Davis, Larissa Crockett, Jim
Fiske, Tom Cashin, Yoli Gallagher

Members Absent: Randy Goodwin

Guests: Shelly Blaisdell (minutes secretary), Susan Rockefeller (Curtis, Thaxter),
Lisa Bishop (Independent Court Reporter), Pat Hannon (Applicant), Randy Tome
(Woodard & Curran), Paul Poyant, Debi Rix, Nancy Bolduc, Bob Hardison
(Chairman, Sanford Planning Board), Bill Maloney, Wes Ham, Bill Lotz

The workshop was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Chip Venell. Pat
Hannon began by suggesting the board go through their performance standards
one by one and see how they apply to this project, and also see what questions
arise. Susan Rockefeller said that it is their feeling that the most efficient use of
time is to go through standard, items A-M on page 77 of the “standards
applicable to conditional uses” one by one and see if there are any questions that
the board might have that haven’t already been answered, and they will add any
necessary information to try and answer these questions. Susan said that she felt
that Mr. Tome’s letter in February was asking for many things that were not
required in the Town’s ordinance. Chip said that to be able to answer some of
these questions, the board may need more information. Susan said that is the spirit
in which they are here tonight, and they hope to narrow some of the things that the
board may need to find this a complete application.

Tom Cashin asked if the procedure for tonight’s workshop could be that the board
work from Randy Tome’s letter that lists his recommended requirements. Keith
asked Randy Tome to explain why and how he came up with the requirements that
were in his letter from February. Randy said that he was asked to put together a
list that the board felt was appropriate for a comprehensive review and said that he
did use the DEP criteria to form that list. Susan Rockefeller said that while most of
those standards do apply at the State level, they do not apply right now with the
Town’s standards. Tom said that when they met with Durward Parkinson on
November 15, 2007, he told the board that he doesn’t feel that the board is stuck
with the basic information that they were given in the beginning to complete their
review, and feels it is more of an interactive process with the developer and that the
board has the right to make a reasonable request for addition information. Tom

also pointed out that there is additional language besides what is found in the
ordinance book, for instance, the general purpose statement on page 32, sections or, that allows the board to ask for additional items.
The board decided to work off of the list provided to them from Randy Tome in
February, 2008, and discussed items that were on the list that both the board and
the applicant already agree upon. Susan Rockefeller said that they are just looking
at the towns ordinances right now, and the DEP’s regulations are not what is to be
considered at this time.

Susan Rockefeller asked the board to come up with a reasonable standard for what
they feel the noise levels should be and what will be considered a nuisance, and said
that the burden shouldn’t be on the applicant to tell the board what their noise
standard is, and emphasized that the board needs to tell the applicant what their
standard is. Pat explained that he is not willing to invest money in having a noise
study done because it is not required in the town’s ordinance, and asked the board
that when they come up with the noise standard, they also need to say how they
arrived at that standard.

Chip asks Pat if the board could get some additional information of the specific
details because he feels it would help the board understand what the project will be.
Pat agrees to give any details needed, but said that he is not willing to recalculate
things that have already been done. Tom asks if it would be possible to overlay this
data on the old base map that seems to have disappeared. Tom explains that is
the only legitimate map that he has seen on this project developed by a Maine
licensed surveyor. Pat objects to Tom’s term “legitimate”, and says this drawing
has been stamped by a certified surveyor. Tom said that the survey they have was
done by a hand held GPS and is not accurate, and explains that the newest map
was done from a referral of the base plan. Randy Tome asked if he could call the
engineer to verify and Susan Rockefeller said that they could pass on the boards
concerns to their engineer. Randy Tome said that his concerns could be taken care
of with a note on the drawing and a signature from the engineer and a signature.

The board continued to go over the letter from Randy Tome, dated February,
2008, and went item by item per Randy’s recommendations. Pat agreed to give
the board a storm water plan since he plans on putting in a road. Chip asks if a
leach aid collection and a management plan for disposal will be supplied? Pat
agrees to give the board information on leach aid. Chip asks if the water supply is
sufficient and if there was a letter on file with the fire department for fire
suppression and facility layouts? Pat said that it was already on record. Jim asks if

it is sufficient for that volume, and Tom asks if it will meet existing codes because
the board can’t rely on eight year old criteria? Jim said that the fire protection Pat
has now is not the same fire protection that will be needed for this new project, and
said that he feels that a lot more water will be needed if a building full of garbage
catches on fire than if the store catches on fire.

Susan Rockefeller asks to look at page 77 items A-M of the zoning ordinance for
item and the following items were addressed:

A. No problems from any board members
B. ““ “ “ “ “ “
C. “ “ “ “ “ “ “
D. More information will be given on this
E. Not in a flood zone, so N/A
F. Pat said it would be addressed and listed on the final proposal
G. Pat is not accepting any and it will be addressed in his final plan
H. addressing it
I. will be addressed
J. will be addressed as discussed earlier in the meeting
K. once the board gives their noise requirements, this will be addressed either
with a row of trees or a burm to prevent noise
L. N/A
M. Not an issue for this project.
DEP setbacks were discussed and Randy Tome said he didn’t feel these were
sufficient for this project. Pat said that DEP regulations don’t apply at this time
during the Town’s portion of the application.

Financial liability was discussed and Pat said that is was a DEP requirement and
not a Town requirement. Pat points out that financial assurance should be such
that there is enough money to dispose of anything left behind. The board and Pat
agree on this. Pat also agrees to using the Operation of Maintenance manual.

Exterior lighting will be marked on the new drawing, and Pat said they are using
existing lighting on the building presently.

Susan asked the board what their time frame is? The board said that she should
start getting information to them as timely as possible. Pat suggested that his
engineer communicate directly with Randy Tome to work out all the details
discussed tonight and then have them set up a meeting after they feel it is at the

place to do that. The board and Randy Tome both agree that this is the best way
to communicate.
Susan Rockefeller presented Chip with a letter to address the issue of Pat paying
for legal fees that will be discussed at tomorrow nights regularly scheduled planning
board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.