October 05, 2006

Acton Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2006

Members Present:

Chip Venell, Tom Cashin, Brian Belanger, Abraham Damuth, Randy Goodwin, Jim Fiske

Members Absent: 

Yoli Gallagher

Guest Present:

John Moore


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Chip Venell.


The minutes from September 21st were read and on a motion by Randy and Second by Tom were accepted with a spelling and word correction.


Tom asks if Turcotte had a reclamation plan in the application materials that were submitted.  The board states that they did not, however that is something we can ask of them. 


Tom expresses to the Board that he believes the board should take a vote on including Woodlot Alternatives on peer review if and when Mulcahy comes forth with a preliminary plan.


Abe tells the board that Woodlot Alternatives gave presentation at the class he attended on wetland delineation and they seemed to be very informative.  Abe also informs the board that during the class it was expressed that the lines can change quite a bit, depending on who is delineating and who is paying for the process.


The board would like to get a proposal from Woodlot for Mulcahy after the prelim is submitted.  Sebago Tech informed the Board Secretary that they plan to submit at the meeting on the 19th of October.  We should plan to ask Woodlot if they would be able to attend the meeting following that and get a feel for who they are before we retain them.


Tom makes a motion that at the time when we receive word from Sebago Tech that a preliminary application is going to be presented to the board that we ask Woodlot Alternatives to come down and introduce themselves and offer a proposal.  Brian seconds the motion; the board votes to accept the motion.




Cluster subdivisions should be defined and added into the zoning ordinances at next Town Meeting.


Chip reminds the board that as regulations these subdivision standards can be changed by the board with only a public hearing.  If the board chooses to make these standards into ordinances, they would have to be voted on by the town at Town Meeting and any changes would always have to go back before Town Meeting.

The definition of Freshwater Wetland has changed in the new subdivision regulations, this definition should also be amended in the zoning ordinance at next Town Meeting.


We should also speak to the road committee about changing the road ordinance to meet the regulations of subdivisions.


Review of articles 1 thru 6-2…Notes of changes made directly on copy.  Revisit this tentatively at the first meeting in November.


Also, October 16 the 11 Town group is inviting members to attend a meeting with SMRP.  The idea of the meeting is to facilitate a regional board that reviews only subdivisions for all 11 towns.  The meeting is at the Waterboro Town Hall at 6:45.


Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.


Shoreland Zoning Workshop postponed until November 14 in new location