August 28, 2019
Other Notices

Acton Road Committee Meeting 
August 28, 2019

Committee Members Present:  Chair Leslie Berlan, Cindy Hart, Jay Ward, Denny Long, Will Langley. Rolin Waterhouse and Dennis Long were also present.

Meeting opened with the Salute to the Flag at 7:00 pm


1)  Leslie Berlan presented the HEB Engineering Proposal for Rowe Bridge.  Three options were suggested:
a)  $890,000 for a forty foot span but would require a few waivers for deficiencies.
b)  $1.4 million for a sixty-two foot span which would also require waivers.  Concern that the price tag would be greater than the $1.4 million to complete.

c). $95,000 for a temporary fix would would require periodic maintenance which is not being currently performed.

2) Leslie reported that the BOS had informed her that HEB had offered the town a workshop to explain all the options.  

3)  Motion by Cindy Hart to recommend the BOS ask for the workshop which will be very valuable to help make the best decisions for Rowe Bridge. Second by Jay Ward.  All voting to approve unanimous vote.

4) Leslie Berlan and Cindy Hart attended a class on Stream Crossing put on by the state on August 27th.  Leslie and Cindy provided information from the class which will help us in future grant proposals.  The state has indicated that there will be no grant opportunities for any proposals for slip lining as the state wants to see more stream crossing type culverts.  Stream crossings will add more money to construct but last much longer than traditional construction and cuts cost for maintenance.  Stream crossings are better for wildlife and are more natural culverts.

5)  Road Committee is looking for prices on stream crossing culverts for West Shore Drive to develop a grant.

6)  Also, we should get estimates for stream crossing for the Rowe Bridge and also re-submit H Road grant with plans for stream crossing.  

  Turnaround Easements

7)  Will Langley asked for clarification for the status of plowing easements for Hawk Road and Willow Road.  Discussion by Dennis Long about the history of Hawk Rd.

8)  Leslie will research and talk to Code Enforcement for past records.

Motion to adjourn at 7:40 pm